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And now for something new!

While there are still challenges for certain, it feels like we are on a new horizon. We are and always will be sincerely grateful for every one of you who have supported and participated with us throughout the last year. Reflection, growth, and evolution have been necessities during this difficult time, and now that development brings great opportunity. This summer offering of classes has been developed, as always, with you in mind.

If you have enjoyed our offerings over the past spring, you’re in luck! We will continue to offer Creative Carryouts, one-day workshops, and some online offerings this summer. If you are one of the many students who have asked for longer classroom experiences to hone your skills, this catalog offers the breadth and depth of content you have come to expect from the amazing studios and teachers at GoggleWorks. We are all thrilled to see you flourish once again.

Beyond classroom experiences, we are excited to share so many great opportunities happening around the facility and beyond our walls. From the summer residents working in Print, Glass, and Ceramics, to the summer fellowship high school students back for another summer of growth and discovery, there is sure to be a buzz about the building. Drive-in movies will be happening outside while unique gallery shows are hung, events and weddings resume, and the theatre delights viewers of every age. Our push to new mobile experiences allows us to venture out into local communities and take amazing art experiences to the people. Yes, GoggleWorks is bound to be a sight to see this summer.

We will continue to rely on the same safety measures that have helped us keep students safe throughout the pandemic. Face coverings will be required in all classes. All students must have temperatures checked prior to the start of each class. Class maximums will remain low in order to better enable social distancing. Additionally, we plan to open doors and windows whenever possible to allow fresh air to circulate the spaces.

Now click through to find your creative escape this summer at GoggleWorks. After all we have been through, you deserve to delight yourself with a creative, rejuvenating, and enlightening experience.

We can’t wait to see you around the studios again soon,

Tim Compton

Artistic Director