Support our efforts to provide accessible art to all through exhibitions, classes, workshops, special events, films, and public events. Your membership dollars help us to provide programs like our After School Arts Program, free of charge to children and their families living within the Reading School District; need- and merit-based scholarships to students of all ages and artistic ability; and professional development for local art educators.

Maker Membership

Maker Members get discounted tuition on select classes and workshops for a $50 annual fee. Similar to a benefits or loyalty program, patrons purchase the Maker Membership prior to registering for classes. This is a good way for members to save, especially when taking multiple classes per year.

Benefits include:

-15% discount on selected classes
(Membership discounts are limited to one student per course or workshop)

-10% discount in The New Store at GoggleWorks

-Annual subscription to Berks County Living

Mission Membership

Mission Members advocate for the power of art in our community. While GoggleWorks has a number of programs that provide earned income such as tuition or admission fees, roughly 50% of our budget is covered by funding from these generous supporters. Mission Members provide the most critical support to our work transforming lives through unique interactions with art, without the promise of goods, benefits, or discounts in return. All funds received in these categories are completely tax deductible through GoggleWorks 501(c)3 designation.

Starting at $5 per month, Mission Members contribute their support as a monthly payment.  The ongoing nature of this support adds to GoggleWorks’ long-term sustainability. Mission Members ensure that our charitable and outreach programs serve some of the most vulnerable groups.

Purchase a Gift Membership

Check back later for more information about gifting GoggleWorks memberships!


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Director of Operations

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