GoggleWorks Center for the Arts is governed by a board of directors responsible for policy governance and fund development leadership. Directors are recruited from among the art field and related professions, representatives of GoggleWorks’ constituency, or external community groups. Meeting six times per year, directors each serve a three-year term and may be re-elected for subsequent terms. Each director is a caretaker of and an ambassador for GoggleWorks’ mission: To transform lives through unique interactions with art.

Board of Directors

Tod Auman, chair
William G. Koch, Sr., treasurer
Sandy Solmon, secretary

Alissa Carlino
Mayor Eddie Moran, ex officio: Cindy Castner
Paul Cohn
Dena Hammel
Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson
Thomas McMahon
Marlin Miller Jr.
Rick Olmos
Fran Parzanese
Quality Quinn
Dail Richie
Dr. Rodney Ridley
Crystal Seitz
Stacey Taylor
Kate Thornton
Gust Zogas