“Tilting Realities” is title of the exhibition that will feature GoggleWorks Summer artists-in-residence: Karina Mago, Joseph Cavalieri, and Bartosz Beda. Their work engages with vastly different materials, but they have an overarching theme of distorting the space they are in and what their audience will experience. These pieces are complementary to one another giving time for the viewer to digest their concepts, finding themselves wondering how they themselves fit into society through challenging their own perceptions of the world. This overlapping motif is what led to the title “Tilting Realities.”

Each artist has been able to experience the city of Reading in different ways and decided to contribute in different capacities. Bartosz did his research and created the $7.25 project, which brought a new dynamic to the city of Reading and their access to art. It was a small thing, but he creates a new piece of art every single day and sells it the next morning. Karina Mago has been going around the city and finding inspiration by her surroundings. Her pieces will be reminiscent of places that she has explored around the city. Joseph will be leaving an Alice in Wonderland inspired permanent piece in GoggleWorks. These artists interact with their space and reality in different ways, whether through the fantastical or through tilting their current reality.

At the conclusion of Unconstrained Craft: A Symposium on Artist Residencies, join GoggleWorks’ three summer artist-in-residence upstairs in the Schmidt Gallery. There, an exhibition of the work completed during their residency will be on display. Guests can meet and mingle with the artists and hear more about their experiences in a series of informal gallery talks by Karina Mago, Bartosz Beda, and Joseph Cavalieri from 7:15-8pm.

Free admission and parking. Light refreshments and cash bar provided by Belly Kitchen and Drinkery.