Sponsored by the JerLyn Foundation, The 16th annual Frank Scott Memorial Art Show: The Art of Jazz has typically run as a prelude to the Annual Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. In 2020, the show is being hosted in July and August 2020 as part of the reopening of GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. Berks Arts Council is thankful to the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts for their willingness to showcase local artists during this time. Submission is open to artwork in all media.

Founded during the 2005 Berks JazzFest, The Art of Jazz honors the legendary local jazz musician Frank Scott.

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Christiane David, Juror’s Statement:

What better way to celebrate one form of art than to honor it with another. The artists showing in this year’s Berks Arts Council exhibition, “The Art of Jazz,” have brilliantly represented in the selected pieces the soul and spirit of one of our truly American art forms, Jazz.

The Art of Jazz does not come from the notes being played and the sounds the musician makes on his instrument. Likewise the Art of Painting is not the result of marks made on a canvas by a painter. The Art of a Jazz piece, and the Art of a particular painting, are manifestations of the life experiences of the musician and the painter. The Art born out of Jazz, and the Art a painting or sculpture brings into the world are twins because they come from the same parents: the marriage of our common human experience and the emotion and meaning we draw from those experiences.

One local artist has said this: “Until the work of an artist penetrates the tough membrane of human emotion, it cannot be born as a work of art.” When I listen to Jazz, whether it is good old New Orleans style or contemporary blues, I am immediately compelled to go to my easel and begin painting. In the same way the jazz musician does not follow a formula in her creation, I stand with paintbrush in hand and begin. My intuition, some memories, events in the world and my current mood direct my hand, and after a time there is a painting that hopefully qualifies as art.

The art of jazz deserves celebration because it is the reflection of life. To celebrate Jazz with a painting or sculpture is to celebrate life with life. It is with this perspective I have chosen the specific pieces for this exhibition. Besides evaluating technique, creativity, originality and presentation, I chose the individual pieces when I was able to catch a glimpse of the artist’s life . . . when I was able to see the “art” of the piece.

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