Any work of art is made arguably more beautiful by the stories that surround it. At GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, we strive to create experiences that allow visitors to both discover high quality art and connect to the broader story of its making, its maker, or its context. Permanent Residency is a collaboration with The Center for Art in Wood, The Clay Studio, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. The exhibition features work from these organizations’ permanent collections and made by national or international artists who have participated in their respective artist-in-residence programs.

With support from the John and Robyn Horn Foundation, GoggleWorks selected these three venerable organizations because they have developed residency programs of widespread acclaim. Each organization curated work of exceptional quality that demonstrates the unique and collective values of their program—collaboration, experimentation, cross-disciplinary making, and academic research are amongthe key concepts. The exhibition highlights each collection as a unique history, a singular achievement. Yet the broader exhibition of work also collectively explores the efficacy and outcomes of resident artist programs within and among intersecting fields of fine craft. Residencies are conceivably the most defined narrative regarding artists working without conventional constraints to their creativity.

The respective stories of these three residency programs comprise, in many ways, the broader story of artists, concepts, processes, and trends in various studio craft movements across decades. Permanent Residency also contextualizes the launch of GoggleWorks’ own inaugural residency program and culminates with a symposium of artists and organizational leaders who have developed renowned residency programs nationwide.

About Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts  is a place, an opportunity, and an experience. In 2012, the historic campus marked its 100th year as a place of education. The original summer craft programs evolved into the extensive summer and fall course offerings of more than 150 workshops in contemporary art and crafts. Through workshops, symposia, galleries, ten studios, the resource center, and the residency program Arrowmont continues its mission of craft education and support for artists.

*Artist Credit: Lynn Baltchelder, A Line In Space

Exhibiting Artists:

Lynn Batchelder
Chandra Debuse
Henry Easterwood
Dustin Farnsworth
Richard James
Ted Lott
Michael Simon
Rowland Ricketts
Jenn Wells
Lydia Whaley
Sarah Wiseman
Rena Wood

About The Center for Art in Wood

The Center for Art in Wood nurtures and promotes the innovation of art in wood through collaborative residencies, exhibitions, education and documentation. The Center also maintains an inspirational collection and a research library to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the art. The insitution has been widely recognized as one of the most valuable resources for the education, preservation and promotion of the field of art made from wood. The Center has documented online the works that comprise their portion of the exhibition.

*Artist Credit: Peter Exton, Scorpion

Exhibiting Artists

Noah Addis
Maria Anasazi
Eli Avisera
Derek Bencomo
David M. Bender
Jérôme Blanc
Michael Brolly
Zina Manesa-Burloiu
Kevin Burrus
Darrell Copeland
Jean-Francois Delorme
Ashley Eriksmoen
Peter Exton
Doug Finkel
Amy Forsyth
Mark Gardner
Winifred Helton-Harmon
Richard Hooper
Todd Hoyer
David Huntley
Michael M. Koehler
Robert F. Lyon
Thierry Martenon
Hugh McKay
Wonjoo Park
Gord Peteran
Marc Ricourt
Betty J. Scarpino
Neil Scobie
Karl Seifert
Haley Smith
Jo Stone
Heidi West
Kimberly Winkle
Leah Woods

About The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay, drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day, in classrooms, studios, galleries, and neighborhoods, they seek to deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs and exhibitions. Founded in 1974, the institution continues in the belief that shared creativity, fundamental to humanity, is a critical force for good.

*Artist Credit: Brian Giniewski, Vases

Exhibiting Artists:

Rebecca Chappell
Linda Cordell
Matthew Courtney
Heather Mae Erickson
Chase Folsom
Brian Giniewski
Joshua Hebbert
Brad Johnson
Ahrong Kim
Nick Lenker
Lauren Mabry
Andrea Marquis
Roberta Massuch
Peter Morgan
Joanna Pike
Kari Radasch
Jacob Raeder
Amy Shindo
Jason Starin
Daniel Teran
Kukuli Velarde
Nate Willever