Our printmaking core curriculum includes a 3 week introductory screen printing course, as well as 3-6 week courses highlighting a variety of techniques including linocut, acid etching, mono printing, alternative methods, and more.  There are also intermediate screen printing classes available at the end of every term, in addition to one day workshops that focus on screen printing and relief printing.

Current printmaking classes can be found at this link.

Our studio is also available  for use by artists through our open studio and studio renter programs, more information can be found on those below.

Private lessons and group workshops/demonstrations are also available.

Studio Features

Located in the Main Building (Studio 201), our Printmaking studio features:

  • large format (4ft x 6ft) vacuum screen exposure unit
  • 20″ x 24″ UV exposure unit
  • designated screen wash out booth
  • large format (3ft x 5ft) etching press
  • small format (12″ x 18″) etching press
  • 2 glass top inking stations
  • 3ft x 4ft drying rack
  • map format flat files
  • silk screens with varied mesh counts
  • 2 part diazo photo emulsion
  • Bench hooks
  • small acid bath
  • various carving tools and scribes

Open Studio Access

Open studio hours are regularly offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10AM-1PM, and Thursdays from 4-7PM.  Open studios are a great fit for those with a basic knowledge of printmaking, and a wish to work without instruction, at their own pace.

Access to open studio hours are available to every student who takes a 3+ week class in our printmaking studio, and are also available to any printmakers who would like to work in a community use space for a flat, monthly rate.  If you are interested in accessing our printmaking open studio hours, please contact our programs department for more information.

Open Studio Information and Details

Click here to learn more and book your open studio access

Monthly Studio Renter Access

Designed for self sufficient fully trained printers looking for studio access, the renter program provides unrestricted 9-9 7 days a week access to the space and equipment outside of pre-scheduled classes. If you have participated in the open studio program, and feel confident in your practice, this is an ideal next step in your printing evolution. To be eligible to be a renter in this space, 1+ months of being in our open studio program is required.

Printmaking Monthly Renter Fee

Renters click here to pay