There is a new restaurant opening at GoggleWorks in December: The Den by Sly Fox!

Stand by for extended hours and an exciting new menu. Belly Kitchen + Drinkery will be leaving at the end of October. Until they do you can enjoy the menu below at these hours:

Tuesday – Saturday //  11am – 8pm

Sunday Brunch // 10am – 2pm

There may be interuptions to regular hours as a result of the IX conference October 23-27. You might want to call ahead to confirm service during this time.


Drinks, including beer, wine, and cocktails can be taken anywhere on campus, including the Boscov Film Theatre! Ask about a safe container when you order at the bar.

Lunch & Dinner Menu (11am-8pm, Tues-Sat)

prices are still being slightly adjusted, call for details


South Philly Hoagie Egg Roll – italian meats. ricotta. roasted pepper. fresh cabbage. parmesan herb crumble. spiced herb vinaigrette

Crispy Vietnamese Wings – nuoc chom glaze. sweet chili. cucumber. pickled daikon & carrot. crispy garlic, mint. lime

Tots & Curds – golden tots. beer battered cheddar curds. cucumber ranch. crispy spinach

Brisket Tots – slow roasted beef brisket. caramelized onion. aged pale ale cheddar. crispy spinach

Char’d Shishito Peppers – sesame tempura asparagus. chimichurra crema. furikake.chevre crumble. shaved bonito


Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli – lemongrass curry marinated chicken. bibb.grape tomato. cucumber. sweet chili vinaigrette. cashew. crispy shallot. thai basil

Mac & Cheese – pale ale aged cheddar. cassarece pasta. cracked pepper. pecorino romano. pea shoots


The New Caesar – little gem lettuce. emperor dressing. asiago. cornbread crumble. passion fruit caviar

Insalata Rossa – smoked salmon. spice cured beets. chevre. farm greens. radicchio. lemon herb vinaigrette. marble rye crouton.
pickled red onion. char’d lemon

Spinach Artichoke Tart with Salad – farm greens. grape tomato. asiago. crispy shallot. lemon herb vinaigrette

Empanada Salad – crispy beef empanadas. watermelon radish. arugula. cucumber. shaved carrot. chevre. sherry vinaigrette


Wild Boar Sloppy Joe – buttery brioche. crispy jalapeno. fried egg. frizzled sage. pickled red onion

Roasted Beet Reuben – pastrami cured beet. pickled green tomato. cabbage slaw. vegan russian dressing. aged swiss. marbled rye

Peruvian Chicken – spice marinated roasted chicken. aji verde sauce. cabbage poppy slaw. spiced chicken skin. avocado

Eggplant Caprese – crispy eggplant cutlet. roma tomato. fresh mozz. pesto crema. basil.

Oaxaca Torta – avocado. queso fresco omelette. raja poblanas. Roasted yam.roasted red pepper. chimichurri

Meatloaf Supper Sammich – chevre masher. mushroom demi glace. crispy onion. buttery brioche

Brunch Menu (10am-2pm, Sun)

prices are still being slightly adjusted, call for details


Brooklyn Pan Perdu – green’s chocolate babka. rick vanilla egg cream batter. salted caramel maple drizzle. yogurt smear

Blueberry Cheesecake Crepes – butter tender crepes. classic ny cheesecake. warm spiced blueberry compote. graham oat crumble

Durham Plate – buttermilk biscuit. cornmeal fried green tomato. stohler’s apple glazed sausage. pimento cheese. poached eggs. cornbread crumble. hot honey

Spicy Tuna Breakfast Nachos – sushi grade ahi tuna. sriracha sesame crema. scallion. crispy nori. soft scramble. yolk sauce. avocado crema

Roasted Spinach Artichoke Quicheables – rich creamy quiche custard baked w/ buttery brioche. rolled in crispy panko. seville orange harissa. aji verde

Shrimp n grits Cakes – chimichurri roasted colossal shrimp. porcini studded anson mills grit cakes. black truffle crema

Egg Nest – poached eggs. crispy potato hay. buttery brioche. yolk sauce. crispy chicken

Chilaquiles Torta – chorizo. egg. cheddar and potato wrap. crisp’d. salda verde. crema. chicharron

Peruvian Chicken Sandwich – spice marinated chicken. aji verde. avocado. cabbage poppy slaw. spiced chicken skin

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe – buttery brioche. crispy jalapeno. fried egg. frizzled sage. pickled red onion

Root Beer Braised Pork Sandwich – caramelized onion. shakshuka crema. sharp cheddar. shiitake. chicarron

Portobello “Burger” – stuffed marinated portobello. chevre. roasted red pepper. fresh mozz. smoky shakshuka. avocado. crisp panko crust. brioche bun. cornichon

Mushroom Toast – le bus sourdough. local chevre. ginger butter & thyme sauteed mushrooms


Applewood smoked Bacon

Roasted Bacon Slab

Chicken Spinach Fontina Sausage

Stohler’s Apple Sausage

Ginger Wasabi Sausage

Breakfast Tots

Rustic Butter Croissant

German Chocolate Cake Empanada

Praline Roasted Apple Galette – pear butter greek yogurt. pecan praline. horchata spun sugar