Between October 24th and November 25th (2018), GoggleWorks Studio Artists Lily and Alan Cernak will be participating in an Artist Residency Program in Sapporo, Japan, at the Tenjinyama Art Studio. While there, along with working on their own art projects, they will be continuously uploading a photo/video log of their travels. The aim of this log is to aid in increasing global cultural awareness and education. Lily Cernak mission is “to paint a more complete picture of Japan for those who may not know much about the country, showing both the familiar touristy side (famous temples, big cities, superfast trains) and the unfamiliar, everyday-life side (traditional small-town shops and restaurants, backwoods shrines, an overseas supermarket, the lives of suburban folks). The more we know about our fellow humans near and far, the greater perspective we are able to gain about our world and the richer our lives!”

While at the Tenjinyama Studio, Alan will be working on 3D interactive paintings and a Shrine Project; looking for weather- and time-damaged historical paintings from Sapporo’s many shrines or temples to digitally reproduce and document. Lily will be continuing work on a photo reference for artists project, and on an illustration project involving re-drawing paintings from the Shrine Project as modern incarnations. Their residency will include several presentations and an ending exhibition in November. While at Tenjinyama Studio, Lily and Alan hope to make new connections with Japanese and international artists and arts institutions.

We encourage you to follow their journey in Japan during their residency! Here’s how:

Their photo/video log will be free to view and will include language and cultural notes. Lily and Alan encourage the sharing of links to their websites with any schools, teachers, or individuals that you know, as an educational tool!

They are also offering Skype calls with school classes or other interested groups (or individuals) while in Japan, hoping to give American students an opportunity to see live video from another country and to ask questions!

Here is Alan’s main website, where much of their blog/vlog posts will go up:

Alan’s videos from his 2017 artist residency in the Nagano region of Japan can currently be viewed there.

Alan and Lily also both have Facebook accounts, which can be found under their full names, and Instagram accounts where they will be posting additional photos, videos, and work in progress images:

Alan’s Instagram: @alancernak
Lily’s Instagram: @rainysidewalks