To avoid getting cabin fever, GoggleWorks programs team has put together a list of ways you can keep your mind active and create art together at home!


1. Celebrate the artistic process

Encourage your children to express themselves creatively. Start with some pencils and a couple sheets of paper and challenge your child to a single line sketch off. Find an item in your home to sketch for one minute – the trick is you can’t pick the pencil up off the paper. Draw only the outline, or contour, of the item, following the visible edge of the shape.

Blind contour drawing challenge: Can you draw the same item without looking at the page or pencil? Try creating drawings without breaking the line. Post a picture on social media and tag @goggleworks — We’ll repost some of our favorites. 

2. Understanding color theory 

Get curious with colors by making your own color wheel. Use color pencils, paints, or crayons.

Start with the primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Mix the colors (yellow and blue, red and blue, red and yellow) to create the secondary colors. Mix together a primary color with a secondary color to create tertiary hues (red + purple = magenta, red + orange = vermillion, blue + purple = violet, blue + green = teal, yellow + orange = amber, yellow + green = chartreuse.)

Color theory challenge: Can you make a color theory pizza? Roll out some dough for the crust and use colorful ingredients in your kitchen to make a color wheel pizza. Does mixing foods of different colors make a new color?

3. Sculptures From Within
Get creative with the items in your home and build a sculpture! Stack up to 10 different household items and create your own sculpture. Challenge yourself and see if you can stack more than 10 items! Post a picture on social media and tag @goggleworks — We’ll repost some of our favorites. 

4. Outdoor Fun

Make nature paint brushes! Find sticks outside in your yard. Gather a sprig of leaves, flowers, and grasses. Use a rubber band to connect the sprig to a stick. Once you have your nature paint brush, try it out! Which nature sprig works best? Which has the best texture? Which one makes the most interesting pattern? 

Use chalk and outline shadows at different times of the day. Which time of day makes the largest shadow? 

5. Upcycle

Use recyclables (cardboard, water bottles, plastic bags etc.) to create art – from rockets to cars to planters – let your imagination run free. 

6. Discuss

Open your favorite coffee table book and use the photographs to engage your children in art appreciation. LOOK at the art, DESCRIBE what you see, THINK about the story or what the art is about, CONNECT the art to your own life. 


Try some of these activities, have fun creating and make sure to show us your final product by tagging us on social media @goggleworks #goggleworks !