To avoid getting cabin fever, GoggleWorks programs team has put together a scavenger hunt for you to explore art all around you in the City of Reading! 

How many of the following items can you find in The Greater Reading Area? We have 16 challenges for you and some bonus opportunities! Tag @goggleworks when you post so we can see what you’ve discovered! This scavenger hunt is designed to allow you to explore Reading while observing social distancing. Please stay safe.


In Your Backyard

  1. Take a photograph of blooming flowers in a garden on your street.
  2. Find a door in Reading worthy of a Doors of Reading Instagram post and snap a picture! If it’s a great door, you may get reposted by @doorsofreading.
  3. Can you sketch natural art around you? Whether it’s your neighbor’s garden, a leaf from your favorite tree or the pattern of the clouds, find something beautiful in nature and sketch it, or draw it, with pencil on paper. Post your picture to show GoggleWorks your drawing and #gogglevision. 


Penn Street / Downtown Reading

  1. Find a CAN IT! trash can and snap a pic.
    Bonus points if you use the can and throw away a piece of nearby litter. Only do this if you’re carrying sanitizer! Tag @downtownreading when you post on social. 
  2. Count your blessings and locate a stained glass window in the City of Reading.
  3. Brush up on your art critic skills and find your favorite mural in the City of Reading.
    Bonus points if you find one with GoggleWorks’ logo in it. Hint: It’s not at GoggleWorks.


The Pagoda

  1. Head to the Pagoda to discover the years in which the Duryea Automobile was manufactured in the City of Reading.
  2. Celebrate your love of Berks County! Keep a lookout for any Berks County Rocks along the way! If you find one of these community painted rocks, snap a pic, post it and tag @berkscountyrocks.
  3. Become the art! Find a sculpture or painting anywhere in Berks County and imitate the people you see. Can you pose just like them? Snap a picture and tag @goggleworks when you post on social media.


Centre Park Neighborhood

  1. Find the name of the artist who created the Save Our Cherry Trees mural near Madison & Windsor Sts. Bonus: Have someone take a photo of you while you pose with the tree. Make sure they’re at least 6ft away! Post to social media and tag #gogglevision
  2. How many benches are located in Centre Park? Bonus points if you play a game of frisbee after you count, staying 6ft away from your friend. 


GoggleWorks Center for the Arts Neighborhood

  1. Bait up your fishing pole and head to GoggleWorks Center for the Arts! Spot Julio Cepeda’s Found Object Mural on one of the buildings on GoggleWorks’ campus.
    Did you know? The items in the mural were donated by locals of Reading and Berks County for Cuban artist Julio Cepeda to create this mural while visiting Reading, PA.
  2. Grab a selfie with the Totem Pole in GoggleWorks’ parking lot. How many animals on the Totem Pole can you name?
  3. Use the yellow frame in the Art Garden at Lauer’s Park Elementary School for a personal portrait. Snap a picture with the frame and highlight your selfie.


West Reading

  1. Take a stroll down Mural Alley, Cherry St. in West Reading for a tour of murals made by local artists. Snap a photo and tag the artist of your favorite piece! You’ll find the name of the artist on the piece.
  2. Visit the grounds of the Reading Public Museum, tour the path and see how many sculptures you can find.


Let us know how many you found and share your photos with us on Instagram @goggleworks #goggleworks!

Here’s some inspiration to get you excited to start discovering our beloved city!