Are you looking for a unique, hands-on art workshop for kiddos at your location? We’ve got you covered! Our off-site youth workshops offer in-depth tutorials by professional artist-instructors in a variety of mediums. Every child is an artist; let’s help them find their style!

Capacity: minimum of 6 participants; maximum dependent upon workshop. Workshops typically run 1-2 hours but may be adjusted; multiple workshops can be booked at once.

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Workshops for Youth Groups

Drawing Workshops – Kids will learn how to recognize angles, edges, and lines; develop proportion and perspective; create highlights and shadows; and put them all together using skills such as sketching, shading, and blending. Materials included: paper, pencils, and pens.

Acrylic Painting Workshops – Kids will learn how to create a color wheel and how to blend colors. They will use these colors to create lines and shapes, develop tone, and utilize space and texture to bring their artwork to life!  Materials included: Acrylic paint, paint brushes, water cups, and canvas paper.

Watercolor Painting Workshops – Kids will learn how to blend colors and use various brush techniques to create art. Skills practiced include wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting, adding gradients, and honing stroke precision. Materials included: Watercolor set and brush, water cups, watercolor paper, and paper towels.

Mixed Media Workshops – Kids will learn how to use various media to express themselves via 2D and 3D abstract art. Students will develop an understanding for the emotional connection between art supplies and their artwork. Materials included: Materials may vary (some combination of pencils, colored pencils, markers, fabrics, magazines, etc.)


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Off-site Youth Workshops

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