Hit play, join us, and listen along as GoggleWorks co-workers and friends, Lady Strongman, Emily Thiel, and Natalie Fenner, seek to answer the question: what does “making” it look like? with You Made It!: A GoggleWorks Podcast, the first podcast to debut from GoggleWorks Center for the Arts.

Produced by Jay Fritshaffer with Pagoda City Records, “You Made It!” invites artists, makers, and creatives from Reading, PA and beyond to sit down to recap their creative journey and ponder on what “making it” personally means to them. Through chats, questions, and lots of laughs, “You Made It!” dives deeper into discovering more about the talented artists in the community of Reading, PA. Follow along as Lady, Emily, and Natalie celebrate the artist’s journey, discover how we’re all stronger together, and acknowledge the connections it takes to truly “make it.”

Click below to listen to the inaugural episode of “You Made It!: A GoggleWorks Podcast.” Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe!

Have questions, feedback, or just want to say hi? Email youmadeit@goggleworks.org and connect with us!