Ren Hernandez, Colors of Autumn, 16 in x 20 in, Oil, 2019

Ren Hernandez, Float On, 12 in x 10 in, Oil and Acrylic, 2019

Ren Hernandez, Dark Paradise, 16 in x 20 in, Acrylic, 2018

Ren Hernandez, Sanctuary, 18 in x 24 in, Acrylic, 2018

My work explores the relationship between color, nature, abstraction and impressionism.
Although a Registered Nurse by trade and by practice, I have always been dabbling in color and
paints ever since I was a child. While in nursing school, after my long and tough clinical days, I
have always found art to be soul nourishing. Art and color and painting have always helped me
move forward, advance with my goals, and it also helped me dream.
I have been a healthcare professional for six years now and I remain as passionate in helping
people in their toughest times. However, my passion for Art and painting remains ever as strong.
I have to b careful as sometimes I forget to eat and sleep when I’m in the middle of a painting
I wouldn’t say I am a self-taught artist. I have had no formal education training besides from
High School Art. However, I am constantly learning from nature, the current cultural climate,
museums, art books, and art history. Every time I go into a new city or country, I make sure to
visit a museum and learn everything about it. Even Youtube is an excellent source of learning for
me. As an artist, it helps to stay relevant not only with the past but also the current.
All of my artistic pieces are a conglomeration of ideas, techniques, theories and emotions that I
have learned from everywhere. And I strive to create the best pieces that I could possibly can
while slowly pushing it further and further.
I have always shared my paintings or given to them as gifts. Sharing and caring comes very
natural to me. However, I have found that art materials, the time I spend painting, and the efforts
come with a cost. Selling art remains new to me. I have sold about 21 paintings since 2015 and
have shared and gifted about 40 paintings.
My influences and inspirations include the impressionist masters, post-impressionism, fauvism,
and abstraction particularly Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Erin Hanson, and Paul Cezanne.