Nate Tietbohl graduated in 2016 with his BSC in Environmental Science from Elon University. After graduating Nate was resolved to help support food security and environmental education in the schools around his university. He started volunteering with a Food Collaborative
looking at big picture food access in a food insecure county. He then continued his studies and volunteer work internationally starting with Elon Environmental Visions, Costa Rica, Winter 2013, DIS Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Summer 2014, Center for Sustainable Development Studies, Atenas Costa Rica, Spring 2015. “The focus of my work as a professional ecological landscape designer is emphasizing and creating spaces that encourage interaction, draw out the extant ecology and draw in the human experience. Each project begins with observation and study. An examination across time to gain a sense for the site’s existing ecology and appropriate plant communities. Conversations and contemplation allow for consideration of the human goals for a site’s development and the opportunities to weave these two narratives together. The ecological landscape, to me, is one that celebrates how interconnected these narratives are. A native plant garden needs to be more than just a place to walk through; it should be a place to play and explore. A farm should be more than a place to harvest from; it should bring together generations around food and big ideas. And all these spaces should sing with the sound of pollinators and birds.”