Using a mixture of observation and process, I create images with open-ended narratives, blending autobiography, history and invention. Personal experiences and human relationships I encounter on a day-to-day basis, provide the departure point for my work. By referencing recognizable and personal objects in a print, drawing, video or installation, I create imagery recalling a specific event. I want the viewer to get lost in the image by questioning what they are looking at, and then use recognition of objects, shapes, space, and figures, to interpret a possible narrative as they find
connections to their own experiences. By using daily activities as a departure point for narrative, I find metaphor, symbolism, and absurdity in the mundane, using reality to inform imagination.

Through technique and process, I allow an initial idea to change, abstract, and evolve. Although I use drawing as the foundation of my studio practice, my interest in letting the process inform my decision-making, has led me to use various printmaking techniques, collage, as well as video, animation, and installation. Working with and against a technique encourages my experimentation with the medium, allowing a greater opportunity for chance and discovery to play a role. Whether it is manipulating a digital video, charcoal drawing, or relief printmaking, I embrace the honesty, rawness, and personal quality of my hand in the art-making process.