Brent Brown, Plato The Great Lion, 2017 Cardboard, Mixed Media, 23 x 27 x 10 in.

Brent Brown, Speckled Horse, 2016, Cardboard, Mixed Media, 36 x 22 x 9 in.

Brent Brown, Mr. Google Eyes, 2017, Cardboard, Mixed Media, 29 x 24 x 10 in

Brent Brown, Ingenuity, 2016, Cardboard, Mixed Media, 25 x 25 x 11 in.

Brent says his talent was discovered when as a young boy he was asked to draw a stick figure and he drew a fully detailed person. He says that he has been making art from a very young age and that it is the joy of his life. When very young he was inspired by Bible Books and comic books. His work honors the lasting impressions of childhood through television and movies. Recalling his own innocence and the need to either copy or re-invent his memories and heroes, both fictitious and real, his many marionette-type characters move their arms, legs and such in an imitation of the images he grew up with along with those things that left a lasting impression on him.

Brent‘s sister and mother are artistic and they were very encouraging to him. His Father has also been a good support.

He says he prefers to create creatures and animals because he loves the colors he can use. When he is in a bad mood he knows he better go create a Gremlin or other creature to cheer himself up.

Brent says that he has had wonderful feedback from many people. The Center where he spends his days learning work skills is decorated with his work on every wall. He says people at this church and many of the social workers that have worked with him are very supportive of talent.

Brent does not believe there is any real difference between the creations of a trained or untrained artist. He says that creating art is a joy for anyone and he is very grateful that he has the opportunity to create unique sculptural puppets inspired by mythical creatures and pop culture. His work is refreshingly honest and pure, showcasing a deeper look into his personality. It also addresses a larger conversation about the validity of untrained artists and how their work should be viewed