Brianna has been a GoggleWorks intern for the first several months of 2021. A Tamaqua, PA native, Brianna is currently finishing her last semester studying Art Therapy at Kutztown University. At GoggleWorks, she worked alongside our Artistic Director, Tim, to learn the ropes of working at a nonprofit arts center. As she finishes up her internship, we asked her to share with us some reflections on her experience. Learn more about Brianna and her thoughts about her internship below!

  • What made you interested in a GoggleWorks internship?

I lived nearby and moved away, but when my professor was talking about the wonderful opportunity GoggleWorks offers, I told her, “Say no more, I’ll be there.”


  • What did you find you enjoyed the most about your internship?

Working with the Artistic Director and gaining an understanding of the many dimensions of community outreach and programs


  • Was there anything that surprised you about your internship?

What surprised me about my internship is the versatility and adaptability we had to make during the pandemic, but that did not hinder the experience.


  • What skills, experiences or knowledge do you feel you are walking away from your internship with?

Leaving GoggleWorks, I feel as though I have more knowledge and experiences regarding community outreach programs, exhibition planning, classroom management, lesson planning… [And] those are just a few of many.


  • Do you have a dream job? If so, what is it?

I hope to get my Masters in Art Therapy and become a licensed expressive therapist. I know adolescence is an important part of life and I hope to impact those who could benefit from expressive arts.


  • What does art mean to you?

Since I was a kid I always picked up paint by numbers. I was always mesmerized by paints and crafting and as I grew up it became more prominent. My Art Teachers had a lasting [influence] on me and I wanted to be that for others.


  • Do you create any art yourself? If so, tell us about it!

[I have loved] pottery since I was first introduced to it in 2013, [and] since then I have always occupied my schools’ ceramic studios.


  • Where are you headed next?

I hope to get a job in behavioral health in line with expressive therapy and GoggleWorks’ classroom management. [Interning] helped me understand the different environments I will be entering. I also will be pursuing a Master’s so I will be applying myself deeper into my education.


  • Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to share with future interns?

My best advice to those in field experience is to commit to your goals, because the trials and errors are what contribute to your experience on the journey to become a professional.


We are looking forward to seeing what Brianna’s future holds and the impact that she makes on the lives of others through art. The skills and experiences Brianna has accumulated over the course of her internship are only the beginning of a lifelong journey with art and learning. We are thrilled to have been one of her first steps into the real-world application of art education, and hope to inspire many more students who choose this rewarding path of nonprofits and community arts.


Are you interested in learning more about GoggleWorks’ internship opportunities? Send an email to and tell us a little bit about yourself, your academic path, and your interests!