Abby is an Arts Administration and Business major at Albright College who completed her internship with us over the past semester and interim. She worked closely with Tim, our Art Director, to develop an understanding of the operations and strategies and hands-on experiences that go into running a successful arts-based nonprofit organization. Read on to learn more about Abby’s internship experience through this Q&A with Kailee, our Communications Coordinator.


  • What made you interested in a GoggleWorks internship?

I was always curious about the GoggleWorks but it wasn’t until I had a class taught by Levi Landis that I was made aware of the GoggleWorks mission and all their initiatives. I really loved and admired their approach and thought that I could really learn a lot from an organization like that.

  • Do you have a dream job? If so, what is it? What made you interested in this job?

As of right now, I would like to work on youth programs for museums or art institutions. After being an Americorp member, and volunteering at a Boys and Girls Club in Reading, I discovered that I really enjoy working with kids and want to make art as accessible to them as possible.

  • What did you find you enjoyed the most about the internship?

I really enjoyed the variation of the internship and working on a variety of projects. Tim Compton really allowed me to explore a vast array of projects and let me jump into things that interested me. It made my internship that much more enjoyable.

  • Was there anything that surprised you about your internship?

As naive as it sounds, I was surprised at all the behind the scenes work that is needed to run such a large space. It’s one thing to view organizations from the outside, but once you’re inside and are a small part of a much bigger whole, it amazes you how much time and dedication it takes to make things work.

  • What skills, experiences or knowledge do you feel you are walking away from your internship with? How do you think these skills will help you in the future?

I feel like I am walking away with so much more than I expected. Having done my internship during such a turbulent time, it really showed me what it takes to run an organization even when things are uncertain. It taught me that adaptability and versatility are crucial but also making sure that your team is kept informed and connected is also critical. I’m also walking away with better knowledge in creating and implementing programs, budgets, customer profiles, and so much more. I really can’t thank GoggleWorks enough for such an incredible opportunity.

  • Do you create any art yourself? If so, tell us a little bit about it!

I have recently ventured into the realm of digital art and have opened a small Redbubble shop to share my work. My primary mediums are gouache and watercolor and I like painting small scenes when I have time.


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