Green Pig Farm is a Berks-based homestead run by Samantha and Darryl, who grow their own produce and make and sell artisan soaps. We first met Darryl as GoggleWorks’ postal carrier, and when he introduced us to his wife Samantha and their farm, we just knew we had to carry their products. We are thrilled to be adding Green Pig Farm soaps to our inventory at The New Store and to share all of the natural goodness with you! This Q&A with Samantha will tell you all you need to know about the products and brand before you browse The New Store to choose your new favorite, natural bar to wash up with!


  • The Basics

We make our bar soaps in small batches at our Sinking Spring, PA homestead. The bars are cut by hand, so no two batches or bars look exactly the same. We are considerate of packaging, so it can easily be recycled with little environmental impact.


  • About Green Pig Farm

Samantha is a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Wilson High School, where she has worked for the past 14 years. Darryl has been a letter carrier for USPS for the past 4 years. Together, we have two daughters, two dogs, one barn cat and thirteen egg-laying hens.


  • When did you start the farm? 

Darryl and I started taking homesteading seriously about five years ago. We realized the importance of producing our own food and other needs, like soap.


  • Why do you make soap? 

We decided to make our own soap so we could control the ingredients being used. We understand the purpose of each oil, powder, and spice. We continue to make soaps because we feel it is superior to conventional “soaps”.


  • What will we find in your soaps? 

You will find a balance of oils – like coconut and olive – to provide a wonderfully lathering clean. Unique fragrance combinations add to the experience, too. Other ingredients like Vitamin E oil, turmeric, and charcoal not only provide color, but also add their own special properties.


  • What won’t we find in your soaps?

We don’t add anything to accelerate the curing process, like salts. This means our bars will cure for a minimum of 6 weeks. You also won’t find palm oil, one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction in the world, in any of our soaps. Although our bars have a variety of different colors, you’ll never find dye or mica on our ingredient list, either. Instead, you’ll see natural ingredients like French clay, charcoal, spices and red beet powder to color our bars. These ingredients also have benefits of their own.


  • How did the concept of Green Pig Farm come about?

We’re passionate about what we do. To inspire others to do the same, we started our social media platforms, YouTube channel and website for Green Pig Farm in 2019 to do just that.


  • What’s the deal with the name?

We named our farm to encapsulate our values. Green represents gardening, our planet, and money. We try our best to provide as much food to our family through gardening – growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs. At this time, we grow about 75% of our produce needs from seed. Green also represents our planet and making choices for the betterment of the Earth we live in – recycling, repurposing, and reusing. Finally, Green is representative of money and financial security. We live fully, yet frugally and save money where we can. Pigs represent home cooking and full bellies. These food-loving farm animals are a perfect symbol of family meals, delicious desserts, and shared recipes. Pigs, ironically, are also some of the cleanest farm animals – a perfect face for our soaps.


  • Some of your proudest moments?

Green Pig Farm has been featured on Humans Who Grow Food (2019) and in a Reading Eagle Victory Garden article (2020). We also won first place in Berks People Helping People “Most Beautiful Garden contest” (2020). Next month, we will be featured in an FXV Digital Design live podcast to talk about homesteading.


  • Considerations?

Because this is an artisanal soap, it should be kept dry in between uses. Prolonged exposure to water can cause your soap to soften.


We just love Samantha and Darryl’s story. We are so excited to have uncovered this local gem. Supporting local artisans is our favorite part of The New Store at GoggleWorks, since it brings a smile to the faces of our customers who’ve just discovered something awesome and joy to the creator all at once! After hearing all about Green Pig Farm’s philosophy, we’re ready to take up farming and gardening ourselves! Are you loving natural products as much as we are these days? You can shop Green Pig Farm soaps at The New Store now.