Nate Tietbohl is one of GoggleWorks 2022 Summer Residents who will be working in GoggleWorks Gardens during his residency. He currently holds a BSC in environmental science and a minor in mathematics. Along with his landscape design and installation business at Wildcraft Landscapes, Nate also works with woodturning and dabbles in blacksmithing. 


Now the question arises, “How can gardening be considered an art form?” so we asked Nate to elaborate on how his project would affect the space and the audience’s perspective on what art is. 

“I’ve been talking with Berks nature about doing invasive cutbacks and using those to stick weavings; the Climate Core folks and bringing in a lot of plant material into the space and creating some larger kind of Patrick Dougherty-esque, stick weaving. Bringing that kind of energy and art into the space, changing the layout of things so that it functions as an event space as well as a more interactive space for the people using it. There is a lot that can happen to make it work better as a space to support the arts and a function as a community space.”

The garden is a blank canvas and there is so much potential to what can be done in the space. We asked Nate about his feelings towards the projects that he has in mind. 

“I’m very excited to get to work. It’s very open ended, but everything that I do leaves a responsibility or legacy in the space itself. Nothing is coming home with me so I want to make sure that work feels appropriate to Tiana and the garden and the plans that they have for the garden in the future. My work is going to remain in space and I want to be sure to add an organic flow to the environment.”


Nate will be collaborating with various studio managers and working mainly out of GoggleWorks Gardens. We’ve heard his ideas and we are excited to see how his artwork and skills will help to transform this space for the community; merging nature and art, the final result: a communal space that is both visually stimulating and interactive for all ages.