Georgette has adapted traditional methods with personalized techniques. She makes paper from shredded rags, beat to a pulp and pressed into molds. Sheets are made by sieving pulp through a screen. Colors are added with pigment or airbrush.

While living in Philadelphia, Georgette and her husband started a business making architectural ornaments. Through various jobs she learned about making rubber molds and casting, and later applied that knowledge to the construction of her cast paper sculptures.

Her work represents a fascination with the topography of landscape, full of complex lines shapes, colors and textures. She creates staged landscapes defined by human presence. Forced perspective, scale, pocket openings and crevices draw the viewer in and invite them to engage with the work.

Georgette’s work reflects an appreciation for the craft of traditional paper-making. By repurposing rags she hopes to encourage a consciousness for the environment and inspire new avenues for creative expression through the use of ecologically friendly mediums.

“My exhibit of dreamscapes offers you a temporary escape from the harsh realities of the world we live in…. an interlude in time.
Fantasize with me, through my art, the unreal and the impossible.
Relax, take a break and …. dream.
Enjoy the show.”

-Georgette L. Veeder