“When Light Enveloped Form and Space, When Light Drew Intimacy” is an  exploration based on the notion of the relation between intimate space, inhabited from privacy and exposure. By means of an intense experimental process with the photographic medium that includes video, analogue and digital photography, photomontage, image-making with and without a camera and the layering of different media, the resulting images generate dialogues between the body and space in time, the inside and the outside. The medium permits free play between the human body, the mechanical body, the body of space, the body of nature and the  body of time in the construction of meta-images where abstraction and the understanding of the medium as part of the inside of the artwork is key. The body becomes intimate with space as it decides to inhabit it: the nest, the shelter, the home or a foreign and unknown outside. The meaning of the work stems from the idea of being able to inhabit this intimacy.



About the Artist 

Juliana Delgado, is a young artist born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia.  

Her artistic practice develops the intersection between the body, space and its different forms of intimacy, and the memory of time according to a specific context, in order to create new sensitive perceptions of space from the experience that the body allows itself. 

Interested in photography, video art and the creation of multimedia content, she has produced and directed several short films throughout her work, one of which has been exhibited in Germany, Spain, United States and Colombia. 

She works as an illustrator, editor and researcher for a digital magazine on culture and politics based in Spain, and currently lives and works in the United States – PA, where she continues to develop her artistic work. 

I understand this relationship from a formal and sensitive aspect, which is based on key axes such as self-knowledge from the inhabiting, the influence of a context and how it is inhabited, the notions of memory in a space, hybridization and metamorphosis. My interest has focused on the construction of new sensitive perceptions of space from the experience that the body allows itself. This, with the possibility of constructing images using photography (analog and digital), video art and, the assembly from organic media (sculptural or objectual), with the aim of manifesting the body in a latent form, not always present and, to highlight the fragility of banal moments lost in time.

Opening Reception: When Light Enveloped Form and Space, When Light Drew Intimacy, Juliana Delgado Solo Exhibition