Two artists, two styles, same process. This series of paintings is a collective collaboration in process performed by Elaine Soltis and Cheryl Elmo.

The process of acrylic pouring created a baseline for each artist to develop an individual creativity and apply a signature style. Through the beginning of the process which creates a marbleized effect, both artists were able to develop a style within the initial process and followed through by enabling their own unique style to each painting.

Elaine writes, “I inherited vintage jewelry and decided that the splendor was lost by the gift being hidden in a drawer.  I decided to incorporate many of the pieces within my design. Sometimes, by adding Swarovski crystal detail, additional light enhanced the work.  My use of unusual color combinations came from my French Beaute background of  Chanel, Dior, YSL, and Givenchy. Top designers would turn out their seasonal palette offerings and I became immersed in the splendor of pigment.  Most of all, I am surprised by the way the “art of pouring” lends itself to the facets of light, color, and dreamlike composition.

Cheryl writes, “My work has integrated shadowy figures inspired by Eduard Stellmacher’s Amphora Series “Fates” which symbolizes strength in human faith. I strive to capture the relationships between people and use the collaborative process to represent a natural order of events. This series demonstrates there is control to make decisions, however there are elements around us that challenge and influence outcomes. The work leverages a liquidity and spontaneity of acrylic pouring with figures that  emerge from their surroundings. The figures are sculpted bas relief and painted throughout the collaboration effort.

Opening Reception

December 1st, 2017