It’s small and approachable. It fits in your hand, and you put it to your mouth. It’s one of the first forms an artist learns to make while working on the potter’s wheel because it is one of the simplest shapes to create. However, the more you use a cup, the more you realize its critical traits. The lip must be comfortable, the handle has to feel just right, and it can’t be too big or too small.

We all have our favorite cup. One that we use for our morning coffee or a favorite for hot cocoa. It is comfortable, familiar, and adds to the experience in its own unique way. On the other end of things, cups can challenge us. Be it a mammoth stein that holds a full liter, or the smallest of flutes for sipping Champagne, cups for a purpose are less about the user and more about their contents.

Welcome to the complex simplicity that is The Cup. In this show we admire 19 artists’ interpretation of this humble yet intriguing form. From “morning joe” to sophisticated sipping, we invite you to admire, hold, and hopefully make your next drink a little more exciting.


Participating Artists

Cory Brown
Rebecca Chappell
Sam Chumley
Stephen Creech
Anne Currier
Justin Donofrio
Stephanie Galli
Chase Gamblin
Kiyoshi Kaneshiro
Margaret Metzger
Chris Miller
Britney Mojo
Ted Neal
Peter Pincus
Derek Rosenberry
Justin Rothshank
Keith Simpson
Hannah Thompsett
Sam Welch