In the mixed media works of Tali Margolin, she explores the theme of the journey. Margolin creates symbolic depictions of geographical journeys, and roads of self-discovery as an artist, in an attempt to connect places and moments, to rediscover her routes and construct new paths through constant search and creativity. These works are more evocative of mood and impression than a clear narrative. It is meant to evoke familiar-yet-intangible associations and to awaken in viewers a desire to explore the journeys of their own.

These works are hybrids of visually accurate representation and physical process of ripping, breaking and constructing.  Margolin creates them using packing materials which represents moving, yarn and thread that represent connection, knots for remembering and ripped areas for time and memories. The surface is sealed with a coating of acrylic medium for decay resistance. But metaphorically the process of applying layers of materials represents her personal layered world where different places and cultures are connected to each other.

Opening Reception: Tali Margolin Solo Exhibition