A remarkable group of Rwandan women defies the devastation of the genocide to form the country’s first all-female drumming troupe and open the country’s first ice cream shop.

Proudly presented in partnership with Great American Creamery

Join us for an Ice Cream Social in the GoggleWorks Cafe following the film. Great American Creamery will be selling 5 ounce cups of ice cream, and there will be a sundae bar with a variety of toppings, including some specialty selections from the GoggleWorks Garden.

From our theatre manager: “This screening began as a search for a movie about ice cream. July is National Ice Cream month, and at face value this seemed to be a great opportunity to partner with Great American Creamery, and to capitalize on our spaces here at GoggleWorks for patrons to gather around a favorite summer sweet treat. But, like all the art we celebrate at GoggleWorks, this film goes beyond entertainment and transforms its viewers: by broadening our worldview, celebrating women and their power to build communities near and far, while also emphasizing the fragility of peace, and how it takes the whole community to find common ground and work toward a greater good. Yes, it’s a film about ice cream, but it’s about our brothers and sisters in Rwanda, finding a national identity following a horrific genocide in the early 1990s. It’s about the power of art to transform lives, specifically when women step into roles traditionally held by men, and the power of the djembe drum to get our hearts beating in unison. It’s about simple joys and complex global politics, and that’s why a film and event like this belongs at GoggleWorks.”