Part scripted theatre. Part improv. So much fun! Each Scriptprov™ performance highlights a local Berks County theatre group performing scripted scenes – only in Scriptprov™ we have them do the scene a second time and one of the actors is replaced by an improviser WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT SCENE THEY ARE IN! A hilarious combination of everything we love about live theatre!

The First Thursday Comedy Series by Matt & Jeanette Fotis brings live improv-based comedy to Berks County – you guessed it, the first Thursday night of every month! Featuring a rotating slate of four improv-based shows, the First Thursday Comedy Series is guaranteed to make you laugh and have you back home in bed by 9pm! 

Showtime: 7:00p
Seating: General Admission

~Box Office & House will open at 6:30pm
~Concessions, including wine and beer, will be available
~mature teens and older recommended