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Award-winning contemporary quilting and fiber artist, Mary Stoudt, of Reading, PA, has been stitching, weaving, making paper, and mixing media to create diverse works since the 1970’s. Her art has appeared in invitational and juried shows throughout eastern Pennsylvania, the mid-Atlantic States, and internationally.

Back in 2003, Stoudt, a former GoggleWorks Studio Artist, started layering fabric in a grid-like fashion. While creating her quilts, intuition and improvisation both play a role in Stoudt’s process. First visualizing a quilt’s composition, colors, and forms, Stoudt moves through the process, improvising the details. For certain pieces, Stoudt will make actual size patterns throughout the process, often introducing new elements while using the pattern. Her work has been described by critics as being whimsical and spiritual.

“I love the warmth, the flexibility, the play of color and textures of quilt making.  Improvisation is important to me. Working within the stability of a grid, I feel free to change color and direction as I move through the construction of a quilt. I imagine the composition in my head, and then work intuitively through the process,”  says Stoudt.