Tell Me A Story

After many years of painting landscapes and stilllifes, I found that I was no longer motivated to do that. I needed a change and simply placed a landscape on my easel to started painting broad gestural strokes on that canvas, obliterating the landscape completely. This action was very freeing and fascinating.

Over the next few years, I began each new painting with gestural brushwork. These marks suggested a language of sorts that I wanted to embrace.

I began investigating and developing this language with color, mark making, as the language became clear to me. Forgoing the slow drying time of oils, I started using acrylic paint. This allowed a much quicker drying time and the ability to paint over previous marks.

The push and pull created added to the resonance of this language; the subtleties and nuances became fascinating, and I devoted my painting to understanding this language.

The continued investigation of color and mark making continued; recent works often have an undeniable tension. For my work, this tension can ambiguous as certain marks are revealed or obliterated. 

My paintings therefore are based on an invented language; I eschew recognizable images – those archetypes that seem to simply appear – as my story is not about that, but about the ebb and flow of shapes and marks. 

I have incorporated asemic writing in my painting which adds to the question of what language really is.

Most important is color and form in my work. I make livable art that is always about the visual language it speaks.

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About the Artist

Recently retired after 20 years from a full-time position as an art administrator, you will find me working in my studio on most days.

I was an art rewriter for the Reading Eagle prior to that and served on several community art organizations. My paintings are nonobjective/abstract, influenced by natural phenomena such as weather patterns, sun, rain, and changing seasons and storms. Current paintings also explore personal but universally understood ideas such as technology, ambiguity, and my own thoughts on being an artist. 

Since retiring, I am busy with my work and have participated in NY ARTEXPO; selected “as one of the finalists for Art Comes Alive 2021! Your work stood out and was selected from over 3,000 works of art from around the world!” from ADC Gallery in Cincinatti, Ohio, and was featured in THE NYC PHOENIX ART online exhibit in November 2021.

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