GoggleWorks is excited to present AMINAL, a solo show by mixed media artist Lisa Muller.

“My work comes about as a form of journal, and this past year has been revealing, to put it gently. In a data-driven environment, decisions still rest on the weight of emotion. The specter of fact strides along in magic slippers; pointed, yet somehow clueless. 

For this body of work I lived in that in-between place where certainty and wonder finish each other’s sentences. It’s an imaginative space, vital to the human creature predicament: I am animal, I am fiction.”

About the Artist:

Lisa worked in ceramics for 20 years before beginning to paint. The rich surfaces she developed with glazes during that time still inform her paintings. Currently she has a full time studio practice, and shows her work through galleries, museums, and street fairs across the country. Lisa also teaches art wherever interested students can be found. Her work synthesizes varied travels and interests through abstract narratives. She maintains her studio in Pottstown, PA.

“I approach my paintings with the same curiosity I have for any new place I visit; with eyes open, always looking for what might happen. The figurative imagery that unfolds through this process carries open-ended narratives. An interest in the emotional lives of animals keeps me chasing these invented story lines into the woods, where they hide. I follow their twisting path, and find inspiration there.” 



Click here to view the full exhibition online!