Kutztown Impressions is an exhibition that celebrates printmaking at Kutztown University and showcases the artwork of faculty members, students, artists in residence, and recent alumni. Curated by Evan Summer, artist and Professor of Printmaking at Kutztown University, the show includes works he has collected since 1984.

Artists featured include:

Linda Aragon

Timothy Baldwin

Victoria Beck

Katie Barrett

Jase Clark

Michael Covella Odalla

Elaine Cunfer

Rose Desiano

Cassie Flor

Logan Hanning

Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson

Rachel Heberling

Cheryl Hochberg

Mark Mahosky

Neil Mattern

Erin McCormick

Kevin McCloskey

James Rose

Elizabeth Schneider

Jesse Shaw

Devon Stackonis (Breaker, pictured above)

Evan Summer

Francesco Tornabene

Brandon Williams

Tina Yesenofski

Wenju Zhang