Join us on May 13th, 2022 from 6-8 pm at GoggleWorks renown Cohen Galleries for a reception celebrating the return of GoggleWorks’ Annual Juried Show. This year’s celebration, focused on works in three dimensions, will be on view at GoggleWorks from April 25th- June 26th.

Many of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance to share about their work.

Accepted Artists:
Nancy Agati, Audrey An, Adina Andrus, Alex Bell, Miranda Blas, Beryl Brenner, Brent Brown, Laura Dirksen, Lorraine Felker, Sophie Glenn, Bob Hakun, Michelle L. Herman, Emily Hracho, Peggy Hracho, Erika Hewston, Jasmine Kelly, Constance McBride, Rob Mull, Scott Newman, Kiya Nicole, Colin Pezzano, Leslie Pontz, John Rodgers, Kate Rusek, Dora Siemel, Natalie Strickland, Peter Tietbohl, Brian Vu, Allen Wagner, Emily Rose Wright

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Learn more about the Cohen Gallery exhibition using the links below:

14th Annual Juried Exhibition

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