Through my artwork, I strive for a raw originality that has the ability to stand on its’ own in a realm of negative space. The work’s intention is to evoke a mysterious intrigue and pure curiosity. I do not just have the power to create visual meaning, but even more provoking is the ability to mold assumptions. My illustrations possess this sense of a subtle surface covering an intricate, darker satire. Taking the concept of playing with the viewer’s probable assumptions play a role in my illustrative work. I wanted to see how I could control a viewer’s interpretation about a work of art. Giving my artwork this visually creative element of true or false. Exploring this concept of having the ability to play on a viewer’s automatic thoughts and assumptions and the ability to alter, and falsify the perception of past and present meaning continually surfaces in my work.

About Amanda Lee Watkins

Amanda Lee Watkins was born in Reading, PA in 1991. She attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History in 2014. She finds inspiration in children’s books, including Edward Gorey. Watkins looks to meld innocent imagery with the darker tones of reality to mold hypothetical narratives. Her fiber artwork and weavings were exhibited in an exhibition titled “Resurrecting Rust” which she co-curated at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia. Her illustrations appeared in the form of an installation at an exhibit called “Watch Your Step” at the Window Factory Arts, also in Philadelphia. Amanda has always excessively drawn. She currently resides in Williamsport, PA and works as an illustrator for a small publishing company located in San Jose, CA.

Opening Reception

January 12th, 5:30 - 7:30pm