Earthyicanoomby Edward Woltemate, Jr.

Edward has created his own galaxy and draws planets of his own devising from multiple perspectives. There are hundreds of characters and settings within this galaxy. Through the years, his imagination has taken him far into the future.  His love for science fiction goes back to his early childhood and has continued into adulthood.

Born in 1944, Edward (Eddie) Woltemate, Jr. creates his colorful drawings and collages in his home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They reflect his interest in alien worlds, distant planets, UFOs and their inhabitants. Though born deaf, Edward communicates through sign language and through his art, as well as through his wife, Elaine, who encourages his artistic efforts and is his chief spokesperson. Eddie has a keen sense of humor which has carried him through the darker places in his life and can be seen in the serendipity of his art. He attended two primary schools: American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut and The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia. He has had a lifelong interest in the extraterrestrial and his characters and space-scapes are detailed unlike any other. Eddie has traveled extensively with his wife, Elaine, taking photographs and blending his inspiration and vision into his art. His Outsider/Visionary Art has been shown around the world, from New York City to Seoul, South Korea. He was prominently included in Baltimore, Maryland’s prestigious American Visionary Art Museum’s Annual Show (2018) “The Great Mystery Show” and is now in their permanent collection, as well as in numerous private collections. He uses colored pencil and acrylics to create his imagined galaxy and unique planets. For each one he unfolds its inhabitants, weather, topography, etc. Eddie is enjoying worldwide acclaim and can currently be seen in Marbella, Spain.

“Eddie’s work has a charm which comes from its authenticity. He inhabits the world he creates, and his imagination in pure, mischievous, and fun.” – Ted Degener, Contributing Editor, RAW VISION MAGAZINE

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