Dorothy Frey’s paintings from observation and invention examine Sense of Place at her Lancaster County, Pennsylvania farmstead. Subject matter in her paintings stems from day-to-day living on and tending a multigenerational farm. Working onsite and in the studio, colors develop as intuitive fusions of weather events, seasons, and memories. Cool tranquil shadows ground the compositions. Luminous pathways weave through the well-trodden land. Trees reach for one another creating protective arched canopies.


“Dorothy Frey’s paintings are not the nomadic paintings of a landscape painter setting up their easel here or there long enough to complete a painting and move on. Frey is dug in. From Hans Herr, the first Mennonite Bishop to immigrate to America in the early 1700s to her own young son (who makes an appearance in at least one of these paintings), this area of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has been cultivated and storied in her family for 10+ generations. Frey’s paintings are living participants in this persistent generational story, laying bare their content through poetic weight found in painterly momentum and rhythms of trees; planes of grass, sky, and fields; and pockets of memory suspended in time as vignettes under boughs of trees.”

-Jay Noble, Artist, Executive Director, Mount Gretna School of Art


Dorothy Frey is represented at Bowery Gallery, New York, NY, and Lancaster Galleries, Lancaster, PA. Her work has been included in shows at the Demuth Museum in Lancaster, PA; Stein Galleries in Dayton, OH; Art at Kings Oaks, Newtown, PA; Jessie Wilson Gallery, Anderson, IN; and Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Gallery Reception March 10, 2023