Dinner for one or dinner for all? Eating all by oneself or in good company?

Eating together means bonding and integration, it promotes dialogues. In today’s society, however, we are often under pressure and hardly ever take time out for a break. There is coffee-to-go, a quick sandwich on the way or at the desk. And all this has to go very fast. Although, sitting down at the table together for a meal is so nice and important, too.

In my art show you will see people, men and women in a rush, eating in a hurry. But you will find the ideal as well: people having their meals together.

Eating in good company is more than just satisfying your hunger. It is an update, sometimes a battle arena or a scene of silence. In most cases, however, it is like a diving-board into everybody’s everyday routine, an island of rest, a kind of social glue. Whatever it may be, it sure is fun!

I like people and I like food. That’s why I join both of my favorites in this exhibition. In general, I paint in oil or acrylic on wood panels, cut the pieces out and make collages. The pictures in the exhibit at the Goggleworks, however, are painted on canvas to make the transport across the Atlantic easier. In Reading, I pasted the pictures on cardboard.

Eat drink man woman – man is made for togetherness! — Edeltraud Willjung

About the Reutlingen Exchange

This exhibition is presented by the Reutlingen Exchange, an opportunity for artists from Reading, PA and Reutlingen, Germany to expand their artistic acumen, meet other artists and do a little exploring abroad. Reutlingen artists who have exhibited in Reading include Suzanne Immer, Ulrike Franz, Yvonne Kendall and Henning Eichinger.

“I have been organizing the artist exchange between the twin cities Reading, PA and Reutlingen Germany since July 2010. I have traveled there three times curating and exhibiting with Berks County artists: Lauralynn White, Kate Perkins, Kristen Woodward, Emily Branch, Joanne Carothers, and most recently in October 2017 with GoggleWorks artist Suzanne Fellows in the Stadthalle Reutlingen where we had a show entitled FOOD ART. It was at this event we met Edeltraud Willjung. She was kind enough to make desserts that complimented some of my works. She makes works about people and food; we made fast friends.” — Susan Biebuyck

Susan Biebuyck is the Gallery Directory at Studio B in Boyertown and was one of the founding artists at GoggleWorks where she had an artist studio for six years.