This is the book club you’ve always wanted to join. Simultaneously an actual book club and a live improv comedy show, each performance focuses on a different literary genre and features improvisation inspired by and in the style of our favorite authors. Our reading list will be published before each show, so read along with the cast and maybe you’ll get to join the discussion!

The First Thursday Comedy Series by Matt & Jeanette Fotis brings live improv-based comedy to Berks County – you guessed it, the first Thursday night of every month! Featuring a rotating slate of four improv-based shows, the First Thursday Comedy Series is guaranteed to make you laugh and have you back home in bed by 9pm! 

Showtime: 7:00p
Seating: General Admission

~Box Office & House will open at 6:30pm
~Concessions, including wine and beer, will be available
~mature teens and older recommended