I’m interested in female and non-normative bodies. I wonder about the power these bodies have, and are believed to have, materially and mythologically. I am also fascinated with monsters,and the relationship of these ideas to the sacred and profane. My work is an expression of cultural and religious heritage, seeking within personal and communal identity. I am directly influenced by and engaged with Talmudic text, midrash and feminist thought, mining these texts for those things eclipsed by patriarchy. Depicting a universe of the “othered”, I reckon with sex, physicality and taboo, using the body and the monster as sites of confrontation.

About Arielle Stein

Born in 1990 in New Jersey, Arielle Stein received her BFA from New York University in 2014. Arielle has spent time as an artist-in-residence at the Stony Point Center (2016) and Art Kibbutz (2015). She has shown her work in New York and Germany, and has been featured in Triangle House Review, HCE Review and Barbed Magazine. She is a recipient of the Studio Formichetti Arts Grant, and recently received a Mechon Hadar microgrant to illustrate a Torah through the female gaze. Arielle lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.