At The Same Time is a group show by members of NAPOLEON, a Philadelphia-based artist collective and exhibition space. This exhibition draws together works by all the members of NAPOLEON, who are all independently practicing artists. Similar to the cooperative manner in which we run our exhibition space, At The Same Time celebrates the widely divergent artistic practices of the group.

The title of this exhibition comes from a piece by member Rebecca Tennenbaum, whose works are sculptural studies for machines of unknown utility, perhaps machines for envisioning a different future. This engagement with both envisioning a new world, and questioning the narratives of our past, runs across many of the works in the exhibition. Other works draw from more intimate and personal experience, reflecting on the challenge of creating space and stability in a world where events seem to be moving at an ever accelerating pace.


This exhibition features works by all eleven current members of NAPOLEON, including

Phaedra Call

Lewis Colburn

Ava Hassinger

Christina Kerns

James Maurelle

Daniel Oliva

Heather Raquel Phillips

Rebecca Tennenbaum

H. John Thompson

Tamesen Wojtanowski

Ricardo Zapata


NAPOLEON is an eleven-member artist collective and exhibition space based in Philadelphia’s Rollins Building. Since our founding in 2011, we have staged numerous exhibitions in our Philadelphia space, as well as participating in exhibitions and exchanges with other collectives throughout the US. Our core values as a collective are responsibility (to our community and to our craft), inclusivity (of all types of art and artists), and creativity (in the work that we do and how we run our collective).

As an exhibition space, we hope to improve the visibility of under-recognized art and artists in our region by curating month-long exhibitions. In addition to exhibitions, our essay-writing program, which operates in conjunction with our exhibition cycle, offers a platform for arts writers near and far to share their craft.

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