Dick Boak:

In this specific music-oriented exhibit, I have selected an array of my one-of-a-kind experimental electric guitars and basses, plus the “D-BOAK Signature Model C. F. Martin acoustic guitar” that bears my imprinted illustrated artwork. For the framed drawings, I have tried to select pieces that are in some way connected to my musical experience, either in my 42-year career with C. F. Martin & Co., or with the portraits of music personalities important to me. My association with and influence from my long-time friend Tullio Desantis runs deep and I am particularly honored to once again share an exhibition space with him, especially at Goggleworks!

Tullio DeSantis:

I work meditatively to create an altered state of mind in myself and in the viewer. Art has the power to change minds. That’s why I do it. I was asked to participate in The Art of Music, by Dave Kline, during my last show (with Dick Boak) in New York City. This offers me the opportunity to present some of my music and videos and the ability to do a gallery-sized black-light installation for my UVa sensitive paintings. Working with Dick Boak is a collaboration that has lasted over fifty years. We worked together to design the viewer experience of our work as installed at the Goggleworks.

About Dick Boak

Illustrator, recording artist, luthier, woodworker, author and lecturer Dick Boak, has had the honor of managing the Museum and Archives for C.F.Martin & Co. Dick also initiated Martin’s Limited Edition guitar program and created signature models for more than one hundred legendary musicians of our era. Since retiring from Martin in January of 2018, Boak has returned his focus to pen and ink illustration, music, writing, travel, speaking engagements, exhibitions, and photo archiving for race car legend Mario Andretti.

About Tullio DeSantis

Tullio DeSantis, aka Tullio, is an American contemporary artist, writer, technologist, and teacher. His work is informed by ancient and contemporary philosophy, science, and the relationship between art and life. Tullio began his career as an artist/writer in San Francisco by creating his regular column titled MINDSTREAM, which appeared in the underground press periodical, The Rip Off Review of Western Culture. In 1975 he entered the San Francisco Art Institute, where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 1977. His multimedia work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, text, sound, video, and installations. Recent examples of this work include a series of black-light sensitive, phosphorescent paintings.