GoggleWorks Center for the Arts is a place to develop skills, ask questions, experiment freely, and investigate the human spirit. Here we create a dialogue between the established and experimental, the contemporary and the traditional. Through exceptional arts education and engaging community programming, we inspire people to expand the boundaries of art making, personal growth, and appreciation for material culture.

Open to all media and juried by Thora Jacobson, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the 12th Annual Juried Exhibition aims to present a selection of exemplary contemporary work from artists around the country.

GoggleWorks 12th Annual Juried Exhibition Catalog

Featured Artists

alphabetical by last name

Adams, Charles
Adewumi, Oluwatobi
Ball, Deena S.
Barrett, Elijah
Bech, Polly
Begbie, Richard
Bogus, David
Borowski, Michael
Bosse, Myhanh
Bouton, Agathe
Brown, Brent
Buonomo, Antony
Burstein, Dan
Carbone, Angela
Carrow, Bonnie Mae
Chase, Anne
Cieri, Bear
Cunicelli, Peter
DeLuca, Michael
DePietro, James A.
Dimmig, Kaylee
Dion, Melanie
Dixon, Michael
Eaton, Romig
Ferro, David
Fessler, Kristen
Foa, Richard
Forsyth, Amy
Fridkin, Terri
Fry, Todd
Garfield, Linda Dubin
Geronian, Alexandre
Gerstemeier, Lorelei
Gibson-Hunter, Aziza Claudia
Gloria, James
Gunter, Caitria
Haag, Fred
Higgins, Nicholas
Hoffer, Jessica
Hower, Michael
Jaskot, Greg
Kean, Sarah
Klinger, Susan
Koursaros, Victoria
Koval, Svetlana
Kress, Nancy
Laincz, Paul
Lee, Miyung
Lerner, Dorine
Li, J.
Lovejoy, Stacy
Marchand, Amanda
McBride, Rose
McCullough, Sharon Pierce
McLaughlin, Deanna
Meyerson, Jacqueline
Moonan, Florence
Mull, Rob
Neill, Nancy
Nin, Valetta
Ott, Katie
Paolini, Jack
Pellegrini, Vincent
Powers Holt, Mary
Quinn, Donna
Radsprecher, Carol
Ressler, Martha
Rodriguez, Teresa
Ross, Marc
Schlachter , Lois
Sheskin, David
Siegel, Carol
Smith, Philip
Spilka, Gerri
Stackonis, Devon
Taylor, Kelly
Ujiie, Heather
Van Anglen, Carly
Veeder, Georgette
Weaver, Don
Weber, Merrill
Welles, Charles
Wiedemann, Peggy
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Babelon
Young, Jacquie O.
Zecha, Zach

Opening Reception

May 4 / 5:30-7:30pm