Welcome to GoggleWorks Center for the Arts’ fall 2020 class offerings!

We know. It’s strange. We miss seeing you in the studios, too. We are excited to get back to making, a little nervous about trying new things, and keeping everyone’s safety as our top priority. We thank all of you who have viewed, clicked, sent pictures, and shared your creativity from home. It’s been great to see people making art in their time away. We have really enjoyed seeing those of you in person who have booked a tour, or a movie, or shopped in the store since reopening. We will keep offering these experiences this fall and hope to see more of you. From these early successes in pandemic programming, we are hoping to grow things gradually this fall and see where each new day lands. Today we are bringing you a selection of experiences for September. We hope to bring you October and November soon, and if things go well, we would love to have expanded offerings in December. Only time will tell. To meet people at their comfort levels we have created three distinct kinds of programming this fall.

Online Classes are scheduled online class times facilitated by an instructor on Zoom or Google Meet. Classes will focus on skills-based activities with little to no specialized equipment necessary.
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Creative Carryout are online videos produced by GoggleWorks that walk you through each step of a making process. Students choose the date and time to pick up their materials kit at GoggleWorks, which includes everything you’ll need. Students are given access to the lesson online and complete the project from the convenience of their own home.
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On Site Classes are likely the most familiar format for those who have attended GoggleWorks classes before, but even these experiences will be a bit different than in the past. Classes will have a maximum of 4 or 5 students, depending on class space. All students will be required to have their temperature checked upon entering the building; students exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to participate in class. Face coverings and social distancing are required at all times.
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We will continue to learn from these new styles and explore exciting new opportunities for engaging our community going forward. We want to thank our teachers who have evolved in so many ways to get to this point, the staff who have implemented new studio procedures to make safe learning possible, and you for bringing your passion and curiosity to the arts in this time when a creative escape is so badly needed. We look forward to seeing you around the studio again soon.

Be well,
Tim Compton
Artistic Director, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts