Suzanne is one of our beloved studio artists and instructors here at GoggleWorks, and can often be found in our printmaking Studio.  Suzanne is easygoing, passionate, curious, and thoughtful, which are all qualities that come through in how she carries herself, and also through her artwork.  In addition to painting and printing often at Goggleworks, she’s also instructor here, as well as at RACC and Alvernia.  She can be found all over the city at her various jobs, or playing folk jams on her Banjolele at open mics and shows!


Suzanne’s work is reflective of the world around her, and sights to be seen.  She makes a mix of abstract and figurative work that is driven by her enjoyment of the process itself.  She’s also a self proclaimed “color freak,” constantly playing around with color theory and different combinations, even going so far as to make her own paints.  If you’re interested in Suzanne’s work and would like to see more, you can find her on instagram @suzanne_fellows