Mike Miller is one of the multifaceted artists who frequents GoggleWorks often, and some weeks every day.  Mike is imaginative, eager, friendly and knowledgeable, and brings a very regular buzz of excitement to our printmaking studio that we’re all lucky to experience.  In addition to being a screen printer, he is also a retired Berks County art teacher, as well as a muralist, who is responsible for collaboratively painting, printing and making mosaics all over the city of Reading, and Berks county.  He can also often be found in the TExpL Public Art Studio at Albright where he organizes people to make art, and is also a part of the artist collective “Exquisite Fource.”  Between all of his various collaborative work, it’s no wonder he brings such an energy of community building wherever he goes.  


Mike’s work is inspired by the city of Reading, nature, and the communities he’s a part of.  Because he works with other people, he believes the beauty of the work is in the process of the creating itself.  If you like Mike’s work or would like to reach out and maybe help paint for one of his larger murals, feel free to reach out on instagram @berkscommunitymurals