Come support GoggleWorks art community Sunday 12-4 p.m. for our in-house studio crawl on the second and third floors. Meet our artists, connect with your community, and explore the creativity that flows through our campus.

Featured Artists:
James Maria
Cheryl Elmo
Kevin Brett

July Artists of the Month:

Second Floor
James Maria is a recent graduate of Kutztown University’s Fine Art and Art Education programs. During his time in Kutztown, he began and now continues to maintain his studio production. In addition to exhibiting in international juried shows within the watercolor community, James also works with Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, Pa, near his home in Sinking Spring. His work is largely informed by Pennsylvania’s post-industrial landscape, from which he draws inspiration. Abandoned interiors serve as an unorthodox tool to explore and communicate spiritual truths. His work also employs art historical references, materials and techniques to subtly reinforce the relationship between the disparate elements of theology and the beauty of entropy.

Third Floor
The work of Cheryl Elmo examines people using portraiture and quiet moments to share thoughts and ideas about life.  By developing a unique style using aqua-media on art panels, the paintings are reflections of anonymous individuals sharing their stories through their expressions and their eyes.  Each painting reflects contemporary life, looking to engage the imagination of the viewer. Elmo’s style continues to evolve through her dedication to her art and interest in experimentation, always striving to connect to the soul of her viewer.

Kevin Brett finds it very challenging to take every day, overlooked objects or subject matter, people or situations and capture them in ways that the viewer can extract feelings from personal experiences of their own. As when he worked in other mediums of visual art such as drawing, painting and sculpture, great effort is made to have everything within the compositions become valuable characters in the motionless plays captured through a lens. The use of unusual and dramatic angles gives the photographs views intended to make seemingly insignificant items a bit more powerful and emotional. Kevin’s style of photography is very pure and traditional but there are always conceptual intentions behind all the fine art images created. While sometimes including people in his fine art photographs, Kevin attempts to capture what it is to be human within every image. Each image is titled with only one word. The ambiguity of a one word title only opens the door for the viewer, with freedom to roam their own thoughts rather than defining the images with a complicated heading trapping the viewer on the surface and not allowing the unrestricted journey beyond the scene.