From: $60.00


Private Theatre Video Game Package (2 Hours)- Explore new worlds, realms, and possibilities and bring your friends and family along for a night of gaming on the big screen! Work cooperatively or compete in your favorite video games and treat our world-class film theater like your very own living room. Super size your gaming experience on our 40-foot screen complete with full surround sound. While we normally offer art films, our equipment is now set up to connect your entertainment system with our projection equipment so you can enjoy your favorite consoles and games on our big screen. On-site snacks and drinks, including beer and wine, are available for purchase. Private shopping time in The New Store is built into the package after the party time expires. This package is a limited-time offer during this era of social distancing.

Please indicate the total number of persons attending your showing while booking. There is a minimum number of 6 people for the event because of the associated costs. In the event that your party is smaller than 6 people, you may still book the event, but you will need to pay for 6 seats. The 60.00 is the minimum price for those 6 seats. Any seat past 6 will add an additional $10.00 per person. Example 10 attendees = $100.00, 2 attendees = $60.00(Minimum required to rent the space)

You are responsible for bringing your own game system and the cords associated with it including: Power cord, video/composite video cables (HDMI or RCA cables specific to your system), controllers, any other pieces of equipment that you plan to use with the system, and the games themselves. We will provide the means to project the games onto the screen with our state of the art theatre projector. GoggleWorks offers a public wifi server to our guests, but does not guarantee the high speed gaming standards necessary for online gaming. If you wish to use the theatre for that purpose, you may consider bringing your own hotspot, or risk slower internet speeds and higher pings.

Outside food or drink is not permitted in the theatre. Concessions are available for purchase, including: popcorn, candy, soda, wine, and beer. Please Note: Due to government restrictions for the ongoing pandemic, a meal item will be included with the purchase of any alcoholic beverage. If you have food allergies please let us know and we will work with you to accommodate your needs. If you would like to bring outside food or drink for an event such as a party we ask that you  please email our  Event Rentals Director, Margaret Pendleton at for more information about studio rental availability and pricing.

Please note, once the booking is placed in “your cart” you must complete the purchase process by inputting your name and contact information to reserve your time.