“All of my work is rooted in fascination with the alchemy of transforming earth based, raw materials into things useful, beautiful, and tasty. Whether formulating clay and glaze bodies for ceramics, or emulsifying raw plant materials into organic skincare products and medicinal tinctures, or fermenting vegetables, condiments and beer, my primary interest is in the chemistry of making itself.”

An art teacher for 35 years, Karen has taught and directed programs in public and private schools, museums, and art centers including Wyomissing Area High School, Kutztown University, Goggleworks Center for the Arts, and The International Baccalaureate Organization. She has studied and taught art in Pennsylvania, Alaska, Luxembourg, The Ivory Coast, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Slovakia and Israel. She is the founder of Karen’s Botanicals Organic Skincare and the owner of Palcho’s Products.