I believe that I was born to create. In the past, I practiced my creativity mainly through music. I have been a songwriter and a performing musician since 1994. Some of the more notable venues where I performed are Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, John & Peter’s in New Hope, The Grape Street Pub in Manayunk, The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, and The Bethlehem Musikfest.

In February 2015, I started painting after taking an oil painting class at the GoggleWorks in Reading, Pennsylvania. This inspiration came after spending seven years studying nursing in college and working in a hospital. I felt I needed to paint to regain balance. After creating visual art, I began to write music that went with the paintings. It was as if my paintings wanted to communicate by using as many senses as possible.

I will continue to create art and music as long as I am alive. I hope the inspirations in my mind never run dry. I hope to refine my skills and blow my mind with what comes out. I want to share my creations with everyone. I want all of this to conjure up feelings that inspire people and make life more exciting.