Kaylee’s work is grounded in environmental thought and looks to understand the interconnection between humans and the Earth. Her work investigates system of oppression and exploitation by examining the ways these processes reflect in the human form and in the landscape. Over a variety of paintings, photographs, sketches and writing, she critiques the contemporary US cultural climate that is violent and unsustainable in hopes to startle, shock and move viewers towards a shift in paradigm. Her work is highly experimental, mixing media and altering traditional methods and techniques.

After graduating college with a B.S. in Environmental studies with minors in art and sociology in 2018, she has spent time working on a commercial sized apple orchard and an organic farm, both in southeastern, PA. She currently work at the Goggleworks Center for the Arts in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is also the art director of online environmental journal, Alluvian. (http://alluvian.space/)